Investing In Sustainable Operations

At Syngene, good performance goes far beyond profits. It is about doing things that are right for our people, partners, and our planet. Passionately committed to a better, safer and greener future for all, we find great pride and purpose in investing in sustainability.

Empowering employees through education and training to adopt environment, health and safety policies, practices and procedures, while adding strategic value to the businesses.

Our endeavour to create a culture of safety, health and environment is being reinforced through our ambition of 'Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHSS) Goal Zero'. Under EHSS Goal Zero, our priority is to achieve zero harm, zero loss time injuries and zero environmental liabilities. We are driving EHSS Goal Zero through the following ways:

  • Empowering employees through education and training to adopt environment, health and safety policies, practices and procedures, while adding strategic value to the businesses
  • Anticipating, identifying, assessing and managing EHSS risks associated with our business, employees, contractors and communities
  • Implementing an effective audit and verification approach across the Company to track compliance with our EHSS policies, procedures and practices
  • Continuously seeking to upgrade Syngene's approach to meet our EHSS goals

We also carry out EHSS assurance assessment of our vendors; expert advice is provided to help them ensure compliance. We assist them in carrying out process risk assessments and impart occupational health awareness training along with process equipment design review - this ensures a safe working environment for the vendors’ employees while they work on our projects.


Syngene remains committed to limit its environmental footprint by acting on every front. Our environmental practices have ISO 14001: 2015 certification. New initiatives were taken during the year to achieve energy efficiency and optimisation. Heat Recovery Smart Solution (HRSS) was implemented at one of our facilities, enabling us to reduce our carbon emissions. Waste heat is being recovered from steam, condensed and reused. We continue to explore and implement all possible ways to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste and ensure its safe disposal. Waste solvents are segregated at the source of generation to enable appropriate disposal. Solvents from non-hazardous processes are sent for recycling while those from hazardous processes are incinerated to avoid contamination. A tertiary effluent treatment plant set up at our premises handles the effluent generated at our research and manufacturing facilities. The water recovered in this plant is treated and recycled for use in utilities and landscaping, as per prescribed norms. Around 70% of our waste solvents are recycled.

Health and Safety

Employees are made aware on the workplace hazard control through trained to understand hazard communication, standard operating procedures, checklists and safety guidelines. EHSS function coordinates with various BU for compliance to local/National and international regulatory authorities. Our OHSAS 18001:2007 certification is a strong sign of commitment to occupational health and safety.

Risk assessment studies are the starting point for assessing unidentified hazards and arrive at mitigation strategies. A diligent and detailed risk assessment before project commencement is also carried out, with either an in-house or an external team, with regard to facility, infrastructure, equipment, and raw materials. This is done to identify and eliminate or mitigate hazards associated with the processes.

Kavach - Investment in Sustainable Safety

Kavach is our flagship safety initiative to bring about a cultural and operational change within the organisation. Embedding EHSS systems and processes at par with global standards, Kavach aims to safeguard not only our employees, contractor employees, equipment, infrastructure, and property, but also ensure that our clients’ projects are not impacted by any incident. This helps us to build lasting partnerships with employees, clients, and the community at large. We have teamed up with Dupont Safety Services, a global leader in industrial safety, for the execution of Kavach.

The vision of Kavach is ‘Safety is at the heart of everything we do personally and professionally’. The programme has four main focus areas: Laboratory safety; Infrastructure and Project safety; Workplace safety; and Process safety. Dedicated work streams have been formed to work on each of these focus areas. The programme is directly supervised and monitored by the Safety Board (members of Syngene Executive Council) and the teams are led by business unit heads.


2 Mn

Safe Manhours

Achieved a new milestone at the upcoming Mangaluru project, in safe operations execution with no major accidents recorded in this period


Manhours of training provided under Kavach in FY19
'Safe WorkplaceChampion Award'
Kavach received the safety award at the '8th Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit and Awards' held at Mumbai
Greater Safety
Molecular biology labs have been made ethidium bromide-free