Investing In Supply Chain

Smooth and uninterrupted supply of materials is critical in our business. Our investment in developing a sustainable and clearly defined supply chain allows us to drive operational efficiencies.

The path from the discovery of a promising molecule through the development stages and final approval requires timely supply of innumerable inputs and services under a wide range of regulatory requirements. Our dedicated team of Supply Chain Management (SCM) professionals have the expertise and experience to work closely with our global supplier base to ensure timely delivery of supplies, while ensuring strict adherence to quality and regulatory compliances.

Responsibilities of SCM Team


Select, monitor and manage suppliers through the vendor evaluation system, which includes pre-assessment, audit and performance review.


Provide customised solutions for time-sensitive shipments and ensure product delivery at the fastest possible time while meeting local and international regulations.


Work as per the rules of the various governmental departments to ensure timely approvals, and to maintain requisite business licences.

Inventory Commercial Management

Manage receipts, issues, handling and accounting of the materials and identify trends and adjust plans to optimise the supply chain.

Focus on speed, quality and compliance

The holistic SCM approach reduces lead times and streamlines the supply management processes further while meeting regulatory compliance. We are also embracing innovative technology and better ways of working with our suppliers, forwarders, logistics partners and other channel partners. The use of SAP and Warehouse M-System (WMS) across all stock points enables better traceability and cuts retrieval time and risk of loss. This year, considerable progress was made in improving the supply timeline and reducing our costs.



On-time deliveries


Reduction in paper consumption after digitising most of the supply chain functions
Reduction in Storage Risk
Off-site inventory storage for solvents and consumables

20000 sq. ft.

Storage space freed by adopting just in time inventory management system
Freight forwarding and Logistics networking
Established a strong logistics and supply chain network for faster delivery of both inbound and outbound shipments to clients