Investing In People

Syngene is its people. They’re the ones behind the science, the experts who innovate with their deep knowledge and technical competence and enable us to stay one step ahead in meeting client expectations. We continually look for new and better ways to develop their capabilities.

At Syngene, we continuously invest in building a culture of learning, developing and growing. Syngene scientists work on some of the world’s most advanced and cutting-edge projects, enhancing their expertise further.

Developing Leadership

As we work to transform Syngene into a best-in-class organisation, strong leadership and a commitment to collaboration is essential. ‘Leadership and Beyond’ (LAB) is one of our flagship programmes to augment the leadership and managerial capabilities of the middle management. This year, we launched ‘Advanced LAB’ to ensure continuity in the reinforcement of leadership skills, along with the Basic LAB programme for the new batch of leaders. We also launched ‘Leadership Next’, a focussed development programme providing customised inputs to participants and enabling them to gain an understanding of their leadership style. LAB and Leadership Next ensure a leadership pipeline to take our Company to the next level.

Thrust on Training

The Syngene Training Academy (STA) Bootcamp was launched to provide corporate induction, soft skills session and technical skill training in three different phases. In addition, we also introduced a more advanced level workshop, Articulate, to provide in-house language training based on Common European Framework (CEF) module. Workshops and learning interventions were carried out in the areas of IT, chemical development, failure investigation, quality, Six Sigma, and professional development, among others.

Recognising Performance

A robust multi-tier performance management process is in place to boost employee morale, increase productivity, and retain talent. We implemented a new Performance Management System (PMS) tool that provides 360-degree feedback and further democratises the review process. Automation of the PMS process using the new application will also expedite appraisal, save time and effort, and help maintain a database. Job evaluation of critical talent was also revisited during the year.

Building Stronger Teams

We enhanced our skill portfolio through the addition of new capabilities. Our campus outreach was increased to include 30% new colleges under Syngene Academia Industry Link (SAIL), our campus connect initiative. We now collaborate with around 35 institutions to propel talent acquisition. We also introduced assessment tests to improve the quality of hires. The introduction of gamification for the ‘Safety’ session in our induction training programmes offers a better learning experience.

Promoting the Right Culture

We recognise that it is critical to invest in building a cohesive work environment to emerge as an employer of choice. Articulating our focus on gender diversity and inclusion is our initiative Stree@Syngene. Gender sensitivity workshops, roadshows on integrity, and whistle-blower policies, employee welfare initiatives are some other ways to build and maintain the right culture.

Investing. Succeeding.


Employees of our total head count are scientists


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'Best Leadership Development Program for Middle Management Award'

Syngene was conferred this award in FY19 by the World HRD Congress for our proactive approach towards building leadership skills for our middle level managers