investing in information technology

Complex workflows, massive amounts of highly confidential and sensitive data, and a need for agile execution of tasks, demand robust IT infrastructure and proficient use of new technologies. Our investment in state-of-the-art technology and data management systems, including data security, strengthens our proposition as a strategic partner.

The future of the outsourcing model belongs to strategic partners who can address larger portions of the development lifecycle in a consistent, confidential, and timely manner. Information Technology (IT) is a key enabler for Syngene and plays a critical role in ensuring seamless operations, data and IP protection.

IT Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) is an area of security planning that aims to protect all data in case of any eventuality. DR allows us to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions in the rare event of a disaster, thus ensuring business continuity. A dedicated DR site has been set up outside Bengaluru.

Enterprise Backup

Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solution from Commvault for integrated, automated data protection provides a single, complete view of all the stored data, whether it is onsite or in the cloud. A vendor neutral solution, Commvault software has also eliminated the need for separate data silos associated with traditional backup, archive, and reporting products, thus reducing infrastructure requirements. Backup and recovery processes have also improved with the use of this application.

Vulnerability Assessment

We continue to perform Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing processes twice a year with the help of different service providers. This gives us a detailed view of the vulnerabilities facing our applications, enabling us to better protect our systems and data from malicious attacks.

IT Service Management

Syngene continues to prioritise client engagement and continuous process improvement. Our IT system has redefined its approach to resolve user tickets in more innovative ways while accelerating productivity. New automation driven approaches like predictive fix, chatbots, and self-heal have been implemented. This will help to proactively minimise outages and disruptions of user activities.

Salesforce CRM application

Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application is being implemented to enable our sales team streamline business imperatives and make data-driven decisions. Client profiling and distributor performance management will now be done on a mobile-first platform. The insights gathered will enable us to be proactive in client engagement and infer the additional services that can be offered.

Enterprise Applications for Automation

We continued to drive the deployment of Quality Management System (QMS) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to automate our quality processes and ensure their high standards. QMS has been deployed across all business units and yields the benefits of improved product quality, improved regulatory compliance, increased efficiency and reduced risk for our operations. LIMS, on the other hand, has transformed our labs into modern centres of excellence. Elimination of human error, enhanced quality compliance and data integrity are the main advantages from its implementation.