Clients are increasingly looking for outsourcing options where they can seamlessly move between different phases of research and development.

At the heart of our Discovery Services is the continuous endeavour to simplify research. Through our integrated discovery platform comprising discovery chemistry and discovery biology services and toxicology services, we strive to accelerate the drug discovery projects from target identification to candidate selection. Clients can reach out for our services at any phase to supplement their discovery efforts.

Discovery Chemistry

Our discovery chemistry services encompass world-class support for both medicinal chemistry and synthetic chemistry. Medicinal Chemistry services can be accessed with emphasis either on chemistry capabilities (iterative synthesis including library design), computational chemistry or more comprehensively in an integrated platform along with assay biology, safety pharmacology and Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) support. We also offer specialised services in Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC), peptides, carbohydrates and nucleosides and flow chemistry.

Our synthetic chemistry services are backed by state-of-the-art analytical facilities. Apart from the pharmaceutical industry, we also provide synthetic chemistry services in the field of material chemistry (synthesising ultra-pure compounds for organic light emitting diodes, photovoltaics, organic thin filmtransistors and printed electronics), agro-chemistry, animal health, petrochemicals and flavour industries..

Our Discovery Chemistry services encompass worldclass support for both Medicinal Chemistry and Synthetic Chemistry.

Discovery Biology

Our discovery biology services comprise innovative offerings in protein sciences, antibody discovery, cell line engineering, in vitro assays, in vivo disease models, and Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) services to support both large and small molecule discovery for pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical sectors. Very few companies in Asia provide the breadth and depth of services that we offer in the area of discovery biology.

New capabilities were added in the large and small molecule discovery services, including a yeast display platform for antibody discovery, sophisticated IO assays, CAR-T design and Proof-of-Concept (PoC) experiments, cassette dosing and micro-sampling for pharmacokinetics (PK) studies, as well as niche disease models in animals. Infrastructure commitments have been made, including expanding our vivarium capabilities and expanding biology into a new 50,000 sq. ft. facility. In terms of process improvements, we have established a centralised cell-banking system and initiated centralised inventory management and tracking systems. Our strategic tie-up earlier in the year with Zumutor Biologics to access their antibody engineering expertise, provides our scientists with new tools to solve complex problems in biotherapeutic drug discovery.

New capabilities were added in the large and small molecule discovery services, including a yeast display platform for antibody discovery, sophisticated IO assays, CAR-T design and proof-of-concept (PoC) experiments, cassette dosing and micro-sampling for pharmacokinetics (PK) studies, as well as niche disease models in animals.

Performance Review

Our Discovery Services business unit saw accelerated growth driven by contract renewals, deeper engagement with existing clients as well as new client wins.

We established new partnerships with three large pharmaceutical companies in the areas of antibody discovery, protein production and DMPK services, and high throughput assays on protein degradation technologies with a midsize pharmaceutical player.

Our existing FTE collaborations with major pharmaceutical players also expanded during the year. Merck KGaA extended their collaboration up to 2022. We have a two-decade-lon relationship with Merck KGaA, during which we jointly invested our efforts in various discovery research projects.

Read more on our collaboration with Merck KGaA

We also signed an agreement with Artelo Biosciences, Inc. to be their discovery and development partner for novel oncology drugs. Oncology is one of our focus areas and this partnership will help us harness our expertise to develop a better product for the benefit of cancer patients worldwide.

The collaboration with GSK, signed in FY18, was made operational during the year. As part of this agreement, our dedicated team of scientists are working with GSK's global R&D team in accelerating drug discovery, using Syngene Discovery Services platforms.

We partnered with a US-based biotech company on an integrated drug discovery solution for immune disorders. Our team identified new chemical leads by setting up niche assays, which has enabled our partner to move the programme to the lead optimisation phase. On the immunooncology front, our biology team has rapidly generated very high-quality data on novel PoC studies for our client. The data we generated will form the premise for client patent application.


Syngene's first international antibody symposium

During the year, we organised our first international antibody symposium - INNO 2018. Six hundred scientists participated in this two-day symposium that had speakers from the industry and the academia, at the event in Bengaluru. This event was co-sponsored by Amgen Inc. and Thermo Fisher Scientific

Bio-Excellence Award 2018

Syngene was awarded the Bio-Excellence Award 2018 for the second consecutive year at the Bangalore Tech Summit in Bio-Services - CRO/CRAMS category. This is our fifth Bio-Excellence Award.


Integrated drug discovery programme

A European biotechnology company with a strong foundation in metabolic disorders had a hypothesis for finding new therapeutic agents for a major disorder. They were unable to progress further due to lack of research staff and laboratory.
The Syngene Approach
Syngene worked closely with the founders to develop a research plan. An experienced research team consisting of medicinal chemists, biologists, DMPK and in vivo pharmacology experts was put together to develop novel proprietary compounds as new therapeutic agents.
The team achieved a candidate selection milestone within a span of about 14 months. With progress on the project, the research team expanded, and work transitioned towards pre-clinical development at Syngene.


Work on a new platform technology

A biotechnology company successfully launched a platform technology that garnered market attention and marquee clients. They needed to quickly expand their team and build skills in areas like logistics and shipping for compound management activities.
The Syngene Approach
Adopted integrated approach - from single component to cluster work.
The relationship has evolved from a 6 FTE project to an 80+ strong scientific team. Syngene works as an extension of the client's laboratory, providing synthetic chemistry expertise, carrying out DMPK and other studies, independent problem solving and helping the client attain project objectives.