All partnerships are equally important to us - large companies, mid-sized to small ones, start-ups and not-for-profit organisations. We pride ourselves on being reliable partners providing customised, high-quality, regulatory-compliant, and cost-effective services to all, irrespective of the size, scope or scale of the research programme.


Merck KGaA Collaboration

The two-decade long collaboration with Merk KGaA, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, aptly represents Syngene's commitment to invest in partnerships. The strategic relationship has evolved over time to cover a wide range of discovery services for small and large molecules. It started in 1998 when Syngene partnered with Serano Pharmaceuticals Research Institute (SPRI). Subsequently, SPRI was acquired by Merck in 2005 and renamed Merck Serano. Over the years, both the companies have jointly worked in the areas of protein technology, molecular biology, cell science, antibody discovery and ADCs supporting both small and large molecules. In FY19, the Merck KGaA collaboration was extended up to 2022. The renewal of the agreement reaffirms the confidence that Merck KGaA has in Syngene’s capabilities. At the same time, Syngene remains committed to work together on even more complex discovery biology projects and further accelerate the client’s R&D actvities.


PharmAust Collaboration

PharmAust Limited is a clinical-stage oncology company developing therapeutics for both humans and animals. The company specialises in repurposing marketed drugs, thus lowering the risks and costs of development. PharmAust collaborated with Syngene for the development of prototype Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) methods suitable for the scale-up manufacture of monepantel and its analogues for use in clinical trials. Monepantel is PharmAust’s human and veterinary cancer drug candidate. The completion of the development of GMP method for monepantel analogues was announced by PharmAust in October 2018. The development of this GMP technology means PharmAust can now progress to the next stage of development – conducting more trials and upscaling its operations.


MVDP Collaboration

Multi Vaccines Development Program (MVDP) is a not-forprofit-research society. MVDP is committed to undertaking, outsourcing, assisting, promoting and encouraging scientific studies, epidemiology studies, product development, clinical studies and also establishing field sites with the objective of advancing the development of vaccines against P. falciparum and P. vivax malaria. MVDP and Syngene are collaborating on cGMP manufacturing of PvDBPII and for its clinical testing (Phase I). Currently, the Phase I testing of PvDBPII/GLA-SE is underway at Syngene through three immunisations. Safety assessments and follow-up of the subjects for six months will be conducted, and the identified immunogenicity assays will be performed.


Collaborating with virtual companies

A small virtual biotechnology company wanted to explorethe opportunity of working with CROs to address synthesis challenges with their series of compounds.

Syngene collaborated with the client and was able to deliver a series of their natural product derivatives four weeks ahead of the projected timeline. The engagement deepened, as the client, who started the project with 4 FTEs, increased the team size to 15 FTEs within 6 months. Further, the client consolidated all their projects at Syngene.



Clients in FY19 from 183 in FY13